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The occupational therapy program at UniSC provides an integrated occupation-centred curriculum.

课程顺序, 从入门概念到高级技能和知识的应用, 促进围绕职业核心概念的结构化知识获取.

课程是按照生命周期来安排的, 精神和身体健康以一种功能上的方式结合在一起.

This enables students to consider the impact of dysfunction 而且 the implications for therapy using a broad, 全面了解客户.

在整个课程中广泛使用基于案例的学习和评估, 以及该项目每年的实地实习岗位的定位, 加强理论与实践的联系.


The World Federation of Occupational Therapy Guidelines requires all students to undertake a minimum of 1000 hours of fieldwork. In this program, practice education experiences are distributed throughout all four years.

Placements are normally undertaken in a full-time capacity over 4-10 weeks but where required reasonable accommodations can be made to allow for part time or flexible placement options. It is important to note that in order to practice as an Occupational Therapist in Australia graduates must be eligible to register with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia through the Australian Health Practiti一个r Regulation Agency. 学生应该熟悉课程的具体内容 内在学术要求 而且 the registration st而且ards of the Australian Health Practiti一个r Regulation Agency (common 而且 discipline specific).

学生将在广泛的环境中获得经验, 客户的年龄, 条件和安置模型.

Over the course of the program, graded introduction to work as an occupational therapist is provided. Practice Education placements have been scheduled 而且 developed following the same principles as used to develop the whole program. 在所有的位置, students are expected to actively participate within the scope of the placement learning objectives 而且 within the limits of their professional knowledge 而且 skills.

Early placements in the first 3 semesters (across first 而且 second years) are group-based to encourage discussion, 反思与调查, 并将简报和汇报作为学习经验的一部分. 学生 are assessed through reflective journaling to demonstrate their application of theory to their placement observations.


二年级和三年级初的实习学习目标, 注重职业认同的培养, 广泛的专业技能(如沟通能力), 自我管理)和团队技能. Placements at the end of third year 而且 the start of fourth year add the expectation of developing competence in OT assessment, 服务交付和服务评估. 整个实习实习, 专业知识和专业技能有望逐步发展.

要有资格开始实习,学生必须完成以下内容 强制性的检查 并上传所需的文件到他们的 索尼娅在线 账户.

注意: some of the m而且atory checks can take quite some time to organise 而且 students are advised to commence working on obtaining their specific m而且atories as soon as they have accepted their offer.


Placements are administered on a statewide basis in collaboration with all OT programs in Queensl而且, 因此学生可以被安置在昆士兰的任何地方. 至少 一个 practice education experience will be in, or around, the Sunshine Coast geographical area.

在实习期间发生的差旅费及其他费用(包括往返于, 住宿安排在离家很远的地方)是学生的责任. It is expected that students commence their planning for placements from the first year of the program e.g. prepare to undertake full-time placements that may be away from their primary place of residence. 学生 are also advised that they may not be able to continue with external work or volunteer commitments during placements 而且 must consider this in their planning.


1. 人的职业定位

这些位置嵌入在 OCC101, OCC102, OCC201 而且 OCC301 courses in the first three semesters (first 而且 second year) 而且 are tied directly into content, 每门课程的学习目标和理论组成部分的评估. 提供有意义的, practical 而且 appropriate learning experiences for students at this stage enables them to develop a deeper underst而且ing, 核心理论的整合与应用. 这些职位包括儿科经验, 成人和老年人人口, to give students early experience in working with people from a range of age groups 而且 disabilities 而且 injuries.

学生广泛的专业技能(沟通, personal presentation etc) are observed by University tutors 而且 they are assessed through the completion of reflective journals.


2. 基础技能

这些课程均为独立课程(OCC232 而且 OCC331) that occur in semesters 4 而且 5 of the program (second 而且 third year) use part-time 而且 short block placements to primarily develop the students’ professional skills, 并帮助他们建立作为实习“职业治疗师”的身份. 学生 also have the opportunity to extend their knowledge 而且 skills in specific areas that are compatible with their level of training.

学生 are assessed with modified versions of the Student Practice Evaluation Form – Revised Ed (SPEF-R), 一种全国通用的学生表现评估工具. 这些实习的最终成绩是不及格/不及格.


  • OCC232 联合健康的基础安置能力
  • OCC331 职业治疗的基本安置能力
3. 集成

这些实习时间较长,全职实习作为独立课程(OCC322 而且 OCC401) in semesters 6 而且 7 (third 而且 fourth years) to enable students to integrate theoretical 而且 practical knowledge from disparate areas of the curriculum in an organised 而且 coherent manner. Emphasis during these placements is on the application of specific skills 而且 the therapeutic reasoning process to underst而且 而且 manage specific clinical issues. Block placements also encourage students to contextualise occupational therapy practice in a variety of work areas 而且 workplaces. 学生 are required to demonstrate effectiveness 而且 efficiency in managing caseloads appropriate to their level of training 而且 experience.

学生使用完整的SPEF-R进行评估. 这些实习的最终成绩是不及格/不及格.


  • OCC322 职业治疗实践能力的巩固
  • OCC401 巩固职业治疗实践能力

所有的位置都是有来源的, allocated 而且 graded by the OT Practice Education team within years 1-3 of the OT program. The 3rd 而且 4th year 10 week block placements are coordinated by the Practice Education Coordinator, 米歇尔·纳什通过全州范围的OT大学安置网络. 学生不允许自己安排实习.



  • 网上订购,直接邮寄给学生- 比赛服装
  • 可以在泳池亭或网上试用和购买吗.

No remuneration or payment is made by the placement organisation to the students or to the University for hosting the student. 接受批准实习的学生由大学的 保险 政策.



  • OCC101 人类职业的概念
  • OCC102 职业参与
  • OCC201 职业治疗理论
  • OCC232 联合健康的基础安置能力
  • OCC331 职业治疗的基本安置能力
  • OCC322 职业治疗实践能力的巩固
  • OCC401 巩固职业治疗实践能力